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Enterprise Content Management

Why do we need it?
  • 10% of employees time is wasted in locating information and documents
  • Executives waste about 4-6 weeks / year searching for lost documents
  • 80% of papers that are filed are never referenced again
  • Eliminate redundant effort to recreate documents which seem unreachable
  • Quickly find the right version of a document
  • Optimize the use of storage systems and documents dispersion
  • Improve business processes and workforce effectiveness
  • Touches customers expectations about information delivery
  • Keyword / Fulltext search
  • Access information from everywhere

Enterprise Content Management

Business Challenges

Invoice Processing

Increase throughout and reduces processing times

Invoice Processing

Handles documents and business processes

E-mail and Records Management

Direct integration with most e-mail and file systems


Repository connected to popular ERP Systems and Collaborative Solutions


Offer an efficient controlling of company processes

Electronic Registry

Company entries and exits are recorded


Secure electronical archiving compliant with legal provisions

Intelligent Searches

Quickly and smart find for information